Friday, April 1, 2011

Calling all book nerds

I am looking for some recommends. If you view my main page you will see I have a contest going in the month of April.

Suggest me a book or send one my way. I will read and review. Plus you get entered for a gift card.

So send me those great reads

Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Author with lots to say....

 Okay so the book being reviewed today is A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. However Any book my him is worth the read and I highly recommend you taking the time to enjoy his humor and very interesting ways of presenting commentary on modern living in america.

In A Dirty Job we meet some interesting characters..Well some we know from the other books ;-) But our Poor Main Character is dealt a huge blow right off the bat and is left to raise his new born daughter alone, all in the face of impending danger from the otherworld...And Poor Charlie thinks things are bad when the Hell Hounds show up in his daughters Bedroom...But then again He does run an antique store that attracts a very odd sort...And there is the guy Minty Fresh he met when his wife died...The book covers several years of Charlie's life and an unusual job he is picked for out of the blue. Lets just say he gets a lot of attention from the local investigator officer Rivera and has some pretty interesting connects to a large number of deaths in town....This story is set in San Francisco and is a delight to read. You will not be able to put it down!

Of course check out his other books for more insight to the characters of San Francisco along with characters from Pine Cove California and Hawaii...I promise you will not go wrong...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Herdman's

If you have never read about the Herdman's now is the time. This is what I consider a staple Christmas book. I touched on the Herdman's around Halloween and if you read the book then you will know what I mean. Once the Herdman's get a hold of the local Christmas Pageant nothing will ever be the same. And Frankly you will never be the same either. If you need a great story to read with the family this is it. My family use to read a chapter a night out-loud. If you have older kids it will take no time at all to read but I promise you that this book will be a holiday tradition for years to come.